What is Local SEO?

Local search engine optimization or SEO is a strategy under consulting internet marketing SEO services that businesses may employ when getting started with SEO. Local SEO optimizes a company’s online presence so that the company can appear to local searchers. A business’s online presence can include its website and Google Business Profile or GBP listing.


GBP listings can be seen at the top when users perform a local search. It is a white box containing different local businesses, their names, contact information, and locations. 


Local SEO can help small enterprises establish visibility in search engine results by creating a robust GBP listing and a website optimized for local searches. While this function is the same for national or regular SEO, the two fundamentally differ. 


Some of the differences between local and national SEO are the competition and the target audience involved. In local SEO, businesses aim to rank for locally relevant searches that would reach a limited number of people. Successful local SEO may bring in a small number of customers. But the advantage is that there are fewer competitors, which are composed of other local businesses. 


Meanwhile, national SEO can reach more customers since it targets a broader audience. However, there are more competitors since a company will compete with similar businesses nationwide.


Local and national SEO also differ in optimizing search phrases. Local SEO optimizes web pages with keywords that focus on specific geographic locations. 


For example, an SEO company trying to rank for a local customer base would use location-specific terms such as “SEO services Franklin.” In contrast, a business that wants to reach relevant customers all over the country would use keywords specific to the product or service they offer without geographic restrictions.


Additionally, the tools for finding local and national keywords differ. Local SEO professionals may use Google Maps, local directories, and regular keyword research tools when searching for relevant keywords. 


Another differentiator between local and national SEO is the budget for the SEO campaign. Small businesses can build a local SEO campaign with a budget of $500 per month.  This number can be too small for a successful national SEO campaign that often costs thousands monthly. 


Higher competition is among the main reasons national SEO is more expensive than local SEO. With stiffer competition, companies need to put more effort into building a website and optimizing different aspects of that website. 

For more information about local SEO, here is an infographic by Landau Consulting.


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