5 Secrets About Mobile Vs. Manufactured Vs. Modular homes That Nobody Will Tell You

Did you know that you could actually get Prefab Homes in Minnesota? Well, I did, and I loved it! And, now you can too. The thing is, there are so many different choices of “places” to get your new home. Here is one of the 5 Secrets about Mobile Homes that no one will tell you!

Did you know that you can actually go to a manufacturer and buy mobile-free (or manufactured homes that are mobile-free), and that the manufacturers actually prefer that you do this. That is because it keeps them from having to build and store a bunch of trailers for sale and give out tons of free “stuff” that they don’t even have to really sell. Manufactured homes in Minnesota are a lot like a business – they need customers! Now, you can visit a manufacturer and buy one of their manufactured homes and then go to their local dealer and purchase the land on which your new home will be built.

Or, you can get pre-built homes online. And if you can’t afford one of these, don’t worry – there are plenty of others out there that will help you find a low-cost, high quality home. And, as I’ve said before, you can even purchase a one-week rental for a couple of thousand dollars or less. These rentals are available all over the country.

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