All cars perform better with premium tyres

When buying tyres for your car, you should make sure that you buy a set of premium tyres of high quality. The car’s performance will strongly depend on your tyres. The same applies to the security aspects. When you have bad tyres, you are more likely to be in an accident. This tends to come from longer braking distances, where the dry and wet grip is not as good for low-quality tyres. You will also not have the same control and stability that you will have with high-quality tyres.

Another aspect of lower quality tyres is that rolling resistance is higher, leading to higher fuel consumption than you would have with a premium tyre. The combination of higher tyre wear leading to more frequent tyre changes and higher fuel costs per kilometre can be very expensive and consider all the savings made by the lower initial purchase price. So buying cheap tyres, often very quickly, can become an expensive ordeal. Given that you become less safe when driving and that you will soon spend more money, it is always a bad decision to hunt when it comes to tyres that play such an important part in the safety and performance of vehicles.

Summer tyres have slightly simpler conditions than winter tyres, as dry and wet roads tend to be easier to handle than winter conditions with snow, ice and even slush. If you have enough durability in the summers, driving should be more a matter of performance; if you have good quality tyres, the biggest challenge will come when you have heavy rain. Some high-quality tyres are better and prevent aquaplaning than others. This is more related to the tread design and how they have succeeded in incorporating some of the new inventions into the tread to accelerate water flow from the surface. When the tyre loses contact with the surface due to water not being pushed away from the surface area, it causes aquaplaning. This loss of contact can be dangerous and can easily cause accidents. You, therefore, need to make sure you get tyres that have addressed the issue with proper wear control to address the issue. A good tyre should have the latest innovations to prevent aquaplaning from occurring.

You have an even higher degree of challenges for winter tyres, so you can choose between studded tyres or non-studded tyres. Studded tyres are better for icy roads, as the studs give you more grip and traction. For snow-covered roads, both the studded and the non-studded tyres provide excellent grip and traction. When it comes to sludge, similar to water planning, you will have a tyre that is good for removing the wet snow through the tread so that the tyre will remain in contact with the road surface.

High-quality tyres are important during the year. You should therefore make sure you have good summer and winter tyres for your vehicle for optimal safety throughout the year.

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