Australia’s Strata Management and the Importance of Building Maintenance

Australia’s urban landscape, especially in major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, has seen a considerable rise in strata-titled properties. From modern high-rise apartments to townhouses and commercial properties, the emphasis on communal living and shared spaces has grown immensely.

Strata schemes are designed to give individual owners a slice of the ‘property pie,’ owning their lot while sharing the responsibility for the building’s common areas. This is where strata management and building maintenance and strata management come into play.

Strata Management

Strata management is the collective administration of multi-owned properties. In Australia, each State has legislation governing strata schemes, but the principle remains consistent: to ensure a harmonious living environment for all owners. This is achieved through the Strata Committee (or Owners Corporation), a group of lot owners elected to make decisions on behalf of all owners.

A significant part of strata management involves overseeing the upkeep of common areas. Think about it: a high-rise building with 30 apartments uses the same lift lobby and perhaps shares a communal garden or swimming pool. The wear and tear on these shared spaces are high, requiring regular maintenance.

Building Maintenance

Building maintenance is the unsung hero in the world of property management. It ensures that the building is safe for its inhabitants and retains (or even increases) its value over time. Regular maintenance prevents minor building or component issues from becoming major problems, saving significant money in the long run.

A simple example is a small leak in a communal roof area. If left unattended, this can lead to water damage affecting several units, mould problems, and potentially structural issues. Regular maintenance would identify and fix such a leak early, preventing costly repairs and potential owner disputes.

In Australia’s hot and often harsh climate, buildings are subject to challenges ranging from sun damage to storms. A well-maintained building stands up to these challenges and remains a pleasant living or working space.

How Building Maintenance and Strata Management Work Together

Strata managers often work closely with building maintenance teams. Together, they:

  1. Identify Issues Early: Regular inspections ensure potential problems are caught and addressed before developing into bigger issues.
  2. Budget Wisely: A good strata manager sets aside funds for regular maintenance, ensuring the building remains in top condition without burdening owners with unexpected costs.
  3. Enhance Living Experience: A well-maintained building offers a better quality of life. Think cleaner air from well-maintained gardens, faster elevators, and cleaner common areas.
  4. Uphold Property Value: Prospective buyers or tenants are more likely to choose properties that are well looked after.


The growth of strata-titled properties in Australia underscores the need for efficient strata management and building maintenance. They’re two sides of the same coin, ensuring owners get the best from their investment, whether living there or renting it out. The secret sauce is the collaboration between strata managers and maintenance teams, resulting in harmonious communal living, safety, and retained property value.

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