Custom Cabinet Painting – An Affordable Way to Update Your Kitchen

Custom cabinet painting is an affordable way to update your kitchen without the cost of an entire kitchen remodel. The process is quick and easy, and can bring a breath of fresh air to your cabinets. Paintworks has an expert team of painters who can do this job quickly and efficiently. They also use factory style spraying equipment so that the finished product will look perfect.

Repainting your cabinetry is an affordable way to update your interior design and add a new, modern feel to your home. Choose a classic white if you’d like to have a sleek, modern look, or a mysterious black for a sultry, sophisticated look. Or go for an enchanting gray to create a balance between light and dark shades.

Whether you’re looking for a new look for your kitchen, or you simply want to update the look of your existing cabinets, you’ll find a company that will do the job for you. Rusty Rose Cabinet Painting is located at 906 North Bedford St. in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts. This company employs people who are recovering from homelessness and addiction. The owner, Katie O’Malley, now has 12 employees painting more than six kitchens each week. Her story is one of success and a struggle, but one that is worth celebrating.

The best part about custom cabinet painting is that it adds value to your home, and it’s much cheaper than replacing the entire cabinets. According to Remodeling Magazine, adding paint to cabinets can add up to 81 percent of a home’s value. Plus, custom cabinet painting lets you customize the look of your cabinets to fit your specific style.

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