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Baccarat is one of the online casino games Malaysia that combines chance and calculated risk. Online players can practice baccarat games without leaving the comfort of their homes. You need to be aware of many rules when playing Baccarat. These include how to deal cards and when to surrender or stand.

After learning about the low house advantage, some gamblers might jump at the chance to play Baccarat. They must be aware that different online casino providers offer different types of Baccarat. Malaysians must be familiar with each baccarat variant’s rules and specifications before they place any wagers. By doing so, they can create profitable strategies for Baccarat. These are the most played baccarat slots in the best online casino in Malaysia.

 Speed Baccarat

Gamblers who like fast-paced action will enjoy this baccarat game. Speed baccarat is quicker than classic Baccarat but follows the same rules. Gamblers can win if they correctly predict the hand with the closest total of 9. Classic baccarat rounds are only 48 seconds long. Conversely, speed baccarat is a game that lasts 27 seconds. It starts when the cards are dealt and ends when the winner/s is paid.

Although speed baccarat is faster than traditional Baccarat, it doesn’t mean that the house edge in this game is higher. Each round is decided by luck, as Baccarat is a game that involves chance. The house edge for the banker (1.06%), the player (1.24%), and the tie bet (14.35%), remain the same. This variant is different from the original version only because of its speed.

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a 2-card baccarat game that uses eight decks. The Aces are the lowest-valued cards. The remaining cards have their natural values, with the King at 13 and the Queen at 13.

The dealer will deal two cards per round in Dragon Tiger. One for each hand of the Tiger or Dragon hand. The game’s primary goal is to predict the hand with the highest total. If the Dragon card’s value is nine spades and the Tiger card is 7, the gambler wins the Dragon bet. The return to player (RTP), the rate for betting on Tiger or Dragon is 96.27% with one payout. The player who wins $2 on Dragon will earn $4.

Gamblers can stake for a tie if they think the Dragon or Tiger’s values are equal. The 11:1 payout can make it tempting to gamble when tied. Gamblers have the option to place a bet on a tie that is suited. They will win if both Dragon and Tiger cards are equal in rank and suit. A suited tie wager has a 50/1 payout.

To know more information, read this infographic from CM2Bet.

Different Baccarat Games Malaysians Can Try

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