Dos and Don’ts of Text Message Compliance Every Business Should Know

Text messaging has become a tool beyond personal conversations; businesses have learned to leverage it to expand their reach and achieve greater productivity in the workplace. However, it is crucial to remember that this convenience comes with a set of strict rules related to text message compliance.

Professionalism must be maintained when using text messages in the business setting. Compliance regulations are becoming more stringent, prompting companies of all sizes to implement policies like using a text message archive app.

It is common knowledge that compliance is an intricate maze to traverse. To simplify everything and make and ensure your business remains compliant, here are several dos and don’ts to remember:


The Dos of Text Message Compliance

Obtain Permission

One of the most effective ways to increase business reach is to send marketing messages. However, businesses are not legally allowed to send such mail without permission from the receiver. Before beginning your text marketing campaign, obtain your customers’ permission through forms, opt-in checkboxes, or SMS keyword campaigns.


Respect Time and Attention

Do not train your marketing agents to fire off multiple messages in succession. Always remember that marketing texts are still treated as conversations, so be respectful of your receivers’ time and attention. Make your messages friendly and send them within reasonable intervals or when you get a response.


Stick to One CTA

As much as possible, you want your marketing messages to be clear and easy to understand. Avoid making it complicated by adding only one CTA per message.


Add Opt-Out and Honor It Quickly

All text messages must give customers the option to opt out of receiving texts from your company. Allow your contacts to reply with keywords like STOP, UNSUBSCRIBE, or END, and honor their request quickly.


The Don’ts of Text Message Compliance

Avoid Excessive Acronyms

Customers generally do not appreciate text messages that overuse acronyms like ASAP or VIP. Excessive amounts of acronyms are often seen as negative communication and could upset contacts.


Steer Clear of Too Many Emojis

While emojis help convey mood and intention, they must be used sparingly. Littering your marketing messages with emojis is perceived as unprofessional for a business.


Refrain from Sending Inappropriate Media

Sending inappropriate media or emoji combinations not only upsets customers but is also a legal violation. Always maintain professionalism and uphold communication etiquette when sending messages, regardless of whether it’s for marketing or sharing information.


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