Engagement Rings: Myths and Facts

Engagement rings are also practically the centerpiece of every proposal. After you announce the happy news to your family and friends, it is the first thing that they’d look forward to seeing. But more than that, giving an engagement ring has always been considered the ultimate romantic act. It is a symbol of commitment and dedication, a person’s willingness to spend the rest of their life with their partner.

All the excitement for engagement rings made it so popular in jewelry stores in the Philippines.

Engagement rings are generally available in a variety of styles, shapes, and precious metals. A majority still prefer the traditional diamond ring, although some would put a spin on it by adding accent gems. Although, others would go for a custom design for a one-of-a-kind ring to showcase the wearer’s uniqueness. This usually entails a modern look of colored gemstones or using unique materials.

With a wide array of choices, selecting engagement ring designs in the Philippines can be difficult. However, no matter what engagement ring design you end up with, the most important thing is you choose one that you or your partner would like.

Sometimes, the pressure of making a choice or the rings’ price can even make couples opt-out of buying one. Still, engagement rings have been part of a tradition in engagements and weddings for a long time.

Its origins are also an interesting one. According to GIA, this custom goes back to Roman times. It was used to signify a business contract or affirm love and obedience. While it may not sound romantic, times changed and that tradition transformed into the romantic gesture we know today.

Since engagement rings have been around for a long time, the evolution of this piece of custom jewelry would inevitably give rise to several popular misconceptions. Believing a few myths might seem harmless, but it can actually affect your choice when buying an engagement ring.

Buying an engagement ring is a significant investment, both financially and emotionally-wise. With many tips and information floating about finding the perfect ring, it’s difficult to discern good advice from just plain wrong ones. Choosing one based on these myths can leave you with an engagement ring that you wouldn’t be happy with.

Before shopping for an engagement ring, ensure you have enough information to ensure you made the proper judgment. The following article by Adeva Jewelry will seek to shed some light on what is fact and fiction regarding engagement rings.

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