Safest Betting Markets for Beginner Sports Bettors

Online sports betting is becoming more popular than ever. As the pandemic continues, the world faces a new normal, including online gambling, casino, and sports betting in the safest betting markets like Singapore.


However, before you get into the excitement of placing sports bets while watching your favourite sport or cheering for your team, make sure first to understand the technicalities and basics of betting on sports. Another helpful tip to increase the odds of winning in sportsbook betting in Singapore is to know the best markets, especially for beginners.



Straight betting is also known as “singles” and involves only betting on one outcome. Straight betting is popular among rookies because it is simple to understand and has a 50% chance of winning. Because the stakes are typically lower than other sports betting, it is one of the safest markets for beginners.




Total line betting is also known as over/under betting. It involves placing bets on a specific sum of the final score from a sporting match. This market is safe for novice bettors because it allows them to put on the game’s outcome and not its flow.



Handicap betting, also known as point spread betting or handicap betting, is where bookmakers set conditions or rules that allow a bet to win. This type of bet is usually triggered by bookmakers deciding which team is more likely to succeed. The handicap is then given to the team to provide the underdog with a “headstart”. This is especially useful for golf, tennis, and rugby.



This bet is the easiest for novices and even veterans since there is no spread. You need to pick which team or player wins the game. This type of bet can sometimes prove confusing due to the complicated payout process.


Before you risk your wages, it is vital to understand the sports betting system fully. LikeĀ online sports betting in Malaysia, understanding which market is easiest to understand and play is essential.


To know more about the safest betting markets for beginners in sports betting, you can read this infographic from 88ProAsia.


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