What You Need to Know About Trailer Cages

A trailer cage, also known as a cage trailer or mesh trailer, is a specialised attachment used to enhance the capabilities of utility trailers. These cages feature durable metal frames with wire mesh sides and sometimes a top, creating a secure and enclosed space for transporting various types of goods. 

This transportation accessory remains valuable for business and recreational purposes, increasing efficiency and providing peace of mind during the transporting process.

Explore the information below to discover more about trailer cages, including their features, diverse uses, and numerous benefits.

Common Features of Trailer Cages

  • Sturdy Construction

Trailer cages are made from robust materials, such as steel or aluminium, ensuring durability and the ability to withstand heavy loads and harsh weather conditions. The frames are often welded for added strength and rigidity. 

  • Mesh Sides

The key feature of trailer cages is their wire mesh sides, which allow for proper airflow and visibility of the transported items. The mesh prevents goods from falling out during transportation while ensuring secure containment.


  • Increased Cargo Capacity

A trailer cage helps increase the cargo capacity of standard utility trailers by providing additional height and containment options. As a result, users can transport more goods in a single trip, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

  • Space-Saving Storage

When not in use, trailer cages are frequently foldable or removable, making them easier to store. The ability to fold down or remove the cage saves room and enables easy storage in smaller spaces.

  • Transporting Bulk Goods

Trailer cages are ideal for transporting bulk goods like construction materials, landscaping supplies, firewood, and agricultural produce. The mesh sides accommodate large quantities of items while preventing spillage or loss during transit.


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Trailer cages offer a versatile and practical solution for enhancing the capabilities of utility trailers. With their sturdy construction and mesh sides, these attachments are perfect for transporting various goods securely and efficiently. 

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