When and where to buy new summer tyres?

Having good quality summer tyres is just as important as having dedicated winter tyres for the winter season. You need to make sure that you have tyres that are designed to deal with the heat of the summer while also providing sufficient protection against aquaplaning due to heavy summer rains and thunderstorms

When to buy

The timing of when it is best to purchase a new set of tyres will depend on your need. You should get a new set when you reach 4mm of tread depth, as this is when you will lose a lot of the tyre’s key properties, such as grip, wet grip, braking distance etc.

If this coincides with your bi-yearly seasonal tyre change, then you can do it when you take of your winter tyres and mount your summer tyres or then when you take of your summer tyres. If you do it when you take off your summer tyres you might be able to get a slightly better price, as the main demand then should be for winter tyres as everyone is changing to winter tyres and some of them will want to get a new set. You are then storing winter a new set of summer tyres you need to make sure that you store them correctly and in the right conditions. Best is to let the tyre service station store your tyres as they know how to optimally store them. They are also able to store them safely and then you have the connivence of not having to drag tyres back and forth when you need to change the tyres.

If you purchase new tyres just before you mount them for the summer season you will need to decide what summer tyres you want. You might have a few newly launched tyres that weren’t available if you would have purchased them during spring. It can however be that your tyre service station doesn’t have the tyres that you want, and you might need to spend some time finding the tyres that you have decided to purchase.

Where to buy

The best place to purchase new tyres is either your tyre service station, if hey are well stocked and has a wide range of premium tyres. It can also be in a large tyre shop or then the internet. The internet should at least be used to gather information on which is the best tyre option for your vehicle. You should always try to make sure that the place that sells you the tyres are also able to mount them on your existing rims, as you are not able to do that yourself.

Having experts mounting your tyres at every tyre change adds a lot of security as they are able to assess the quality of the tyres, make sure that the tyres are balanced correctly and that they are mounted with the proper torque on the lug nuts so that they don’t fall off. Preferably they should be retightened after driving a week or two.

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