Russian roulette is a high-stakes card game of survival. It is a competition played by three (3) or more players to place bets before the game starts. The croupier will throw a ball into the spinning roulette wheel and announces there will be no more bets, the ball will land on a specific number, and whoever place their bets on those number wins according to the amount of what they gambled. 

The game of chance is a challenging match. Nonetheless, it was a gambling challenge that Frenchmen in the seventieth (17th) century admire. Historians believed it was Blaise Pascal who introduced the primitive form of the game. Researchers soon find out that Pascual intends to develop a constant motion machine, which he achieved in 1665. Roulette then became a hybrid of the gaming wheel invented in 1720 and the Italian game named Birbi. During the eighteenth (18th) century, a devised version emerged of the color/number/position-picking game and captured the heart of numerous citizens all over France and worldwide. 

The social factor of roulette rests on its emphasis on fellowship. This situation proves that in every casino or gambling den, the roulette table is the loudest place as crowds and those who bet cheers as the dealer spins the wheel and as the ball lands on the number, position, or color a lot of bettors put their money at risk. 

A decade’s past, roulette’s popularity spread like wildfire in the ninetieth (19th) century all over Europe and the United States. As rapid the wind blows, it became one of the most famous and prevalent casino games not only in the West but all over the world.

Before long, countless players construct a betting strategy to bring home the bacon on playing roulette. Nonetheless, the most recognizable sportsbook betting Singapore and online casino Singapore enterprise, CM2BET, created an infographic with the spreading of awareness regarding why a bettor shouldn’t use the known Martingale Betting Strategy in playing roulette:

Why You Shouldn’t Use the Martingale Betting Strategy in Roulette
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