Window Replacement Vs. Window Tinting: Which is More Economical?

Installing a whole new window for a house or commercial building can often mean large savings over simply replacing an old window, be it an entire window replacement or a section of that window. Window replacement involves having the old windows replaced with new ones, and the old frame and sash replaced. This is done by a professional, although it is not difficult to do it yourself if you have done it in the past. It is also usually a good idea to have a professional replace it as well just in case there is a problem later down the road, or simply because it is better to be safe than sorry. Either way, there are some tips that can help make the process go smoothly.

The first step is preparation. Most window replacement installations will actually only require that the frame is solid and there are no major structural problems with it. If there are any issues with the construction, such as major rotting or missing framing studs, these will have to be remedied prior to installation of the new ones. After all, these were the main reasons that people opted to replace their windows in the first place! Any remaining issues with construction can be easily corrected once the window replacement is complete.

After the frame is ready, a few basic window installation details need to be worked out. These include the rough opening, or opening through which the window must open. Rough openings vary depending on what type of window replacement is being done. Some homeowners choose to have a slightly smaller opening, while others choose larger.

Once the rough opening is chosen, the next step is to select which type of window installation is desired. Many homeowners choose to have a frame-and-sash installation, which is a common option for new window installation. Full-frame window replacement installation, by contrast, requires that two new frames are constructed. After the two frames are installed, they are fastened together with new jambs and sashes. The new frames are then fastened onto the existing frame, usually with screws.

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