You can purchase your next set of tyres online

Since you can buy anything online, why not purchase aonline. The advantage is that you can check and compare tyres more easily. You can also read reviews online and then search for additional information. The good thing is that you can do it when you have time after work and can take your time and not be stressed and having to run around and be reliant on what the salespeople in the tyre stores want to sell you, which can be based on which tyres they earn the highest commission.

Due to the size and weight of tyres, many people don’t even think about ordering tyres online. You can sometimes have the tyres shipped straight to your tyre service station so that they are there when you drive there, and they can then mount them on your car. This is a super convenient way of buying tyres, as you will be able to get a good price, buy them in the comfort of your own home or office, and then pay without having to queue. You are just ordering and paying them for a smooth visit to your tyre service station so that when you go there, you have already booked a time for the tyre change from summer tyres to winter tyres.

You will most likely get the best possible tyre, as you will have had a great chance to read and review all the options and gather a good understanding of which is the best tyre option for your vehicle. This tends to be best done by reading a few different independent tyre tests done by car magazines and also by using the new EU tyre markings. By using the EU tyre marking makes it easy to compare to ensure that you get good properties when it comes to good wet grip, driving comfort and low

So now when the winter approaches and you need to buy new winter tyres, this might be a good time to buy them online. All you need to do is to decide if you want to buy non-studded or studded tyres, decide which ones suit your vehicle the best and then order them online. Then just enjoy the convenience of not queueing and just driving to the service station and having your new waiting tyres mounted on your car.

You should be aware that the EU tyre label isn´t very indicative for winter tyres as they are tested according to conditions for summer tyres. They are also not showing relevant indicators for winter tyres. Here it is better to use winter tyre tests performed by motor magazines, as they better show the different tyres’ real performance. If you are looking into purchasing all-season tyres, then the EU tyre label can be good at least for when they are used during the summer season and the winter performance can come out of the motor magazine tests.

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