Singapore Pools Betting: Understanding Moneyline Bet – Infographics

Moneyline bet is among the most popular bets in Singapore’s sports betting industry. Due to its simplicity, beginners can easily understand how this works and use this to their advantage.

This type of betting is not that complicated since you only need to choose one out of two teams that you think will win the game based on odds. What makes Moneyline bet simple is there’s no point spread and additional conditions that may confuse a sports betting novice. For example, if the team you chose won the game, you also win, no matter the score.

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Benefits of a Moneyline Bet

Many sports bettors love Moneyline bets because it is the simplest wager in theory and has a wide range of odds. The benefits include the following:


As mentioned, Moneyline bets are considered the most straightforward bets due to them being easily understandable. It is a bet with potential two or three outcomes depending on the sport, and bettors only need to pick a winning side—the simpler the bet, the fewer mistakes, and the better chances of winning the game.

Easier to Find Value

You can figure out whether there’s a value in a bet by just doing some simple math. If you prefer not to do the math, you can eyeball value with Moneyline bets. The chances are one in two-way or two in three-way only, so the probability of success is relatively high.

Beginner Friendly

First-time bettors won’t get confused with Moneyline bets. Veterans usually recommend this to their friends with little to no knowledge of online betting.

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If you would like to know more information about Moneyline bet and how this works, check out this infographic provided by CM2Bet.

Singapore Pools Betting: Understanding Moneyline Bet
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