Best place to buy new tyres

I would still argue that the best place to buy a new set of tyres is at the tyre shop. They have the expertise, and they have a wide selection. You do have a few smaller car service stations that are only working with a few brands, these should, in general, be avoided, and you should find a bigger chain, which has a good selection of both brands as well as a full assortment of different types of tyres. If you are not an expert in tyres when it comes to tyres, you will want some help to make a decision on what to buy. A well-assorted tyre shop will have that expertise and will assist you when it comes to selecting the right tyre for you and your car.

You should, before going to the tyre shop, think of what type of weather conditions you want the tyres to perform in. This can be just for one season or for the whole year. You need to figure out if you mainly use the car for back and forth to work. If you will occasionally drive off-road as this will affect your tyre choice. Off-road driving requires a more rugged tyre that can perform in these conditions, and also, they are more wear-resistant and often reinforced with aramid fibers to avoid being ruptured by sharp rocks.

A well-stocked tyres shop should have the full assortment of summer, winter, and all-season tyres, so that you have the full variety of tyres that will fit your vehicle. You should base your decision on both the various tyre reviews that are done and using the EU tyre label to ensure that you get tyres are energy efficient, quiet and safe.

You need to make sure that the speed rating is correct and that goes for both winter and summer tyres, whereas you need to make sure that for Germany, that you have winter tyres that can handle high speeds on autobahn.

If you drive fast, this is worth mentioning, as you will need a tyre with a high-speed rating. The same goes if you tend to carry a heavy load with your vehicle, you might need to get a tyre that is designed for extra heavy-duty load. Most tyres are designed for normal conditions; if you deviate from this, you need to make sure that you get special tyres that can cater to these needs.

Once you have the choice nailed down with the help of the experts at the tyre shop, they will also be able to put the new tyres on for you so that you can leave the tyre shop with a new set of tyres. They will also make sure that your old tyres will be recycled so that you don’t have to worry about waste. New tyres will make sure that you are safer on the roads, and you are well equipped to avoid accidents while enjoying the best driving comfort.

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