Fuel efficiency is a combination of the car’s engine and its tyres

How fuel-efficient your car will be can be found in the car’s specification and is often measured both for highway and city driving.  This is not necessarily what you will ever see when you are driving, as these are typically the results of optimal conditions. The fuel consumption will depend on your driving style, the type of driving you to do and what tyres you have on your car. A smooth driving style always consumes less fuel than a very aggressive driving style. If you want to drive with low fuel consumption, then drive smoothly and keep the speed as constant as possible and keep the speed limits.

You also have the difference in fuel consumption between city traffic and highway driving, whereas highway driving is more economical as you can maintain the same speed and run the engine efficiently. The stop and start, which you experience in city driving, is not very economical, and your fuel consumption will increase. If you are always driving in the city, you will have to live with higher fuel consumption than indicated. You can still drive to drive as smoothly as possible within the city, but it will always be higher than highway driving.

If you have cheap tyres versus high-quality tyres, the rolling resistance will be higher. Higher rolling resistance means that you will need more power to overcome the resistance, so you will consume more fuel. The same is true if you have low inflation pressure in the tyres. This is why it is essential to check the tyre pressure on a regular basis. It is a quick way to keep safety at a high level and fuel consumption at a low level. The fuel consumption will also be impacted if you have your summer tyres or your winter tyres on your vehicle. If you drive with winter tyres during the summer, you have very high friction, and your fuel consumption will increase and will, together with the increased wear, become expensive and is one reason why you need to make a timely change once the winter season is over.

It is important to remember that tyres have a significant impact on the fuel consumption of your car. They also contribute to the safety of your vehicle and ensure that you can stop on time to avoid accidents and to keep you away from aquaplaning when it is raining. Cheap tyres might look cheap when you purchase them, but since they wear out faster than high-quality tyres and that will lead to higher fuel consumption, you will probably end up paying more in the end. Combine that with that; you are more likely to be in an accident due to longer braking distance, and a worse driving experience due to high rolling noise, the choice of which tyre to select should be pretty straightforward.

For electric cars, the low fuel consumption will be seen as that your range for each charge increases so that you can get further and potentially open up for visiting places that you were restricted to visit before.

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