Heavy summer rain can be dangerous

Heavy summer rain can be one of the most dangerous conditions when driving during the summer. During the spring and autumn, you can have delayed winter weather, or then you have early arriving winter conditions that will be more dangerous than summer rain. If you have sleet and try to drive with summer tyres, you might be in great danger trying to navigate these conditions with summer tyres. What makes the heavy summer rain so dangerous is that it can lead to the vehicle’s tyres losing contact with the road surface, commonly referred to as aquaplaning.

Aquaplaning occurs when the tyres aren’t able to remove the water layer present on the road surface so that the tyre can remain in contact with it. The tyres have incorporated different technologies to improve the tread’s water flow and its ability to push water to the sides. The tyres will use other groove technology to move the water to the sides, store the water in the tread, and push it faster through the grooves with polished groove technology.

Speed negatively impacts the tyre’s ability to push the water to the sides, reducing the car’s speed; you can quickly reduce the chance of aquaplaning. Also, by having tyres with good groove depth, you allow the tyres to hold more water within the tread, reducing the risk of it happening. The importance of the tread depth is one reason you always need to change to new tyres once you reach a tread depth of 4 mm. The 4 mm is the threshold level, where the risk significantly increases below this level. Low tread depth also increases the braking distance so that you will need a longer length before you can get your vehicle to a complete stop.

Make sure that you also rotate the tyres every year when you change to and from winter tyres. The rotation evens out differences in the wear and ensures that all your tyres have a similar grip when you drive on wet roads.  The same tread depth on all four tyre positions will ensure that the car doesn’t over or understeer. When you drive in wet conditions, you want to make sure that you have optimal control and stability.

You often hear about bad accidents during the summer, and a lot of them are caused when you have very heavy summer rain and vehicles are driving at too high a speed or have worn-out tyres that cause them to crash. Since these crashes tend to be very serious as the driver’s lose control over their vehicles, one should do the easy preventative measurements to avoid them. Buy good premium tyres that have proven to prevent aquaplaning and have the latest technologies incorporated. You need to maintain the tyres and make sure that you know when they need to be rotated and changed to a new set when the tyres are worn out.

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